A little bit about us

We started as a small family business in 2004 and through franchising the business model in 2006 we are proud today to be one of the largest providers of home care services in the UK. We have grown from one business to over 200 delivering 20,000 customer visits every day.

The story of our success is a testimony to the high quality home care and support services that our franchisees provide to each of our customers every day. We attribute this to the Bluebird Care business model and the comprehensive support we give to each new franchise business.

What makes us different as a franchisor?

We lead the sector’s digital revolution by investing in technology, transforming care service delivery, unlocking business efficiencies

We have 6 Regional Business Managers and 6 Regional Quality Managers dedicated to making your business a success

We’re a Member of the UKHCA board and involved in piloting NHS work streams

We are a National Care Advisor with 26 years of care experience

Our unique financial benchmarking tool enables franchisees to analyse key business financials against other businesses in the network

Scalable business model meaning you can diversify into different care specialisms

Our management franchise business is unique in the UK.

We are a successful private sector business, enabling us to attract, develop and keep the best people and to deliver the best possible customer service. What makes us different, however, is that our key motivation is quality. We firmly believe that providing the highest quality of home care and support services to our customers will meet their needs and help sustain their independence and lifestyle. In turn their satisfaction with our service provision continues to grow our business. Our proven track record shows that this approach definitely works.

The Bluebird Care Franchise Support Centre

Located at the Franchise Support Centre based in Petersfield, Hampshire, we have a highly experienced central team who provide leadership and support to each local Bluebird Care business. Our team is absolutely committed to putting the customer first in everything that we do so that Bluebird Care can provide the best home care and support services. A key element of this is the comprehensive support we give to each franchise business and how we develop these businesses throughout their lifecycle.

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Why Bluebird Care?

What makes us different as a home care providor?

We have access to the collective expertise of over 200 businesses across our network

We provide a bespoke service for each individual customer, designed to fit with their needs

Our staff and customers benefit from award-winning training

We develop and implement technology throughout our organisation

Blended training approach and continued support ensures the consistent delivery of the very best care services

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A proven business model

Bluebird Care is an award-winning homecare franchise, with a proven business model

Our franchise owners manage and develop their businesses, ensuring that a caring and experienced team are recruited and highly trained, to deliver the highest standards of home care and support to their customers.

What we look for is determination, empathy and passion.

Our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds but with one common goal: the determination to develop a successful home care business and work to a proven business model. Bluebird Care franchise owners have the passion to provide the highest quality of home care and support in their territory, creating a rich diversity of expertise in the Bluebird Care franchise network. The Franchise Support Centre offers business support at your fingertips, with a dedicated business development manager and quality manager to help guide you along your way, therefore previous experience in the home care sector is not essential.

We follow a clear recruitment process when selecting franchise owners. Opportunities are given only to those people who demonstrate to us that they have the qualities and business ethos to build the very best businesses – Businesses that can provide the highest quality care at home and support to our customers, whilst maintaining Bluebird Care’s reputation as one of the leading brands in the provision of home care and support in the industry.

The Bluebird Care model has dedicated roles within the team including:

  • Franchise owners
  • Registered manager
  • Coordinator
  • Supervisor

On top of this, Bluebird Care has a dedicated onboarding manager, who is with you from your initial start-up and throughout your first year in running the business to act as your mentor, sounding board and business coach – that extra helping hand to help find your premises, develop your business plan, employ your care manager, register with the relevant regulatory body, and much, much more!

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The Market

Bluebird Care has revolutionised the way care is delivered by concentrating on high quality customer service, whilst at the same time upholding the very best in professional care provision. With offices across the UK, Bluebird Care is fast becoming the nation’s foremost provider of care at home.

The UK is experiencing demographic and political changes that for their part have created strong market drivers. These market drivers, such as the rise of ‘integrated services’ and an aging population, are bringing about significant growth in the social care market. Bluebird Care is well positioned to provide the home care and support that people need now and in the future to maintain their independence and lifestyle, and most importantly, remain in the comfort and security of their own homes.

We provide home care not only to older people but also to people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and to children and their families. Care can range from visits once, twice or more daily right through to live-in care. Our broad range of home care and support services is a key differentiator; we are one of few providers that aim to be inclusive of all individual and community needs.

We operate in a market which has been estimated at over £20billion per annum. As more and more people are encouraged by Government to be cared for in their own homes instead of moving into residential care, or seeking support from the NHS, the size of the market is expected to increase.

Bluebird Care’s own business has been in operation since 2004. The exceptional results of this business led to the development of the Bluebird Care Franchise, using the proven business systems that achieved exceptional results in the field. This ‘pilot’ business also proved the scope of the opportunity in providing home care across a wide range of customer groups. Our growing franchise network continue to demonstrate a real viability and rapid return on investment in this fast developing market.

The UK market for care at home is anticipated to increase year on year. Like us, the UK Home Care Association (UKHCA) believes the number of people arranging their own care and support every year is increasing.

The market is expected to benefit from the demographic trend towards an ageing population and the social trend towards older people wishing to remain in their own home.  There is also a focus on empowering those with learning or physical disabilities to lead a full life through supported living.

The positive market development is a partial reflection of Government initiatives to promote independent living, with emphasis on reducing demand for residential care through the provision of improved care at home services.

Get in touch

We would be delighted to discuss the franchise opportunity. Please contact our friendly and professional franchise recruitment team on 07912 771149 or email pollyrogers@bluebirdcare.co.uk.

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What our franchisees say

We did a lot of research. It was obvious from the ageing population figures that there was a market opportunity in care. We looked at several care franchise companies but were really impressed on meeting with the directors of Bluebird Care and the whole decision to join the network just seemed right to us. We liked the business model, and the support that the company offered. Having sought care for a family member, we knew about the poor standards of care in the market and how important it is to offer great customer service.

We’re pleased to say that our business is thriving. The job satisfaction comes from knowing you are making a difference; putting a smile on customer’s faces and receiving some great feedback and notes from satisfied customers. We’re looking ahead to more success, building our customer base and growing the business.

I spent the majority of my career in the Leisure Industry, abroad and in South London, prior to joining the Bluebird Care network. Having been in one particular job for 12 years I was looking for a new challenge.

There is no doubt that franchising was the way to go. All policies, procedures and marketing materials were already in place which enabled me to open our doors for business in a matter of months. There was, and continues to be, support available from the Franchise Support Centre in all aspects including Software Support, Human Resources, Finance and Marketing. We have a dedicated business development manager and quality manager who visits on a regular basis and a strong working relationship with the other Bluebird Care businesses locally, Holywood and Lisburn, and throughout the rest of the UK.

Franchising has changed my life, as running your own business would do anyway. I have learned so much about myself. I enjoy the flexibility of having my own business and the long weekend here and there.

I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that with my team we have such a positive impact on the lives of people who are unable for whatever reason to look after themselves.

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Available territories




Falkirk & West Lothian


North Lanarkshire




Cockermouth, Whitehaven & Keswick


Chorley & Ormskirk


Blackburn, Accrington & Rawtenstall


Burnley & Pendle
















North Lincolnshire


Newcastle under Lyme


West Midlands (resale)


East Sussex (resale)


Merseyside (resale)




South Devon



Resale Opportunities

Purchasing an existing Bluebird Care business offers you all the benefits that you would receive as a new start Bluebird Care business. With the additional advantage of a trading history, an established customer base, and fully trained staff.

If you would like to find out more about our exciting resale opportunities please contact Polly Rogers on 07912 771149 or email pollyrogers@bluebirdcare.co.uk.


We’re here to help

Our Franchise Recruitment team answer some of your questions about franchising.

Owning a franchise means being in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Our company licenses its brand and proven business methods to franchise businesses across the UK. We have a team of business development managers and quality managers who are in regular contact with franchisees. They provide advice and support to make sure franchisees maintain the high quality standards of our brand.

When you see a care business for sale you could think prior home care experience is needed, but this is not a necessity and many of our franchisees have no sector experience. However, they all share an empathy with what we do and the importance of providing a high quality care service.

We seek franchisees with commitment, drive and enthusiasm for the business, rather than searching for relevant experience. We will teach you the care industry.

One of the great things about joining a franchise is that you will learn how to run a business, with help and support from someone who knows your business inside out.

Some of our franchisees have previously run businesses, but many come from a corporate background. Bluebird Care provides full training to become a Bluebird Care franchisee. You provide the effort, enthusiasm and motivation to succeed.

The Bluebird Care business model is very specific about individuals’ roles within the business. The franchisee’s role is business development and you will employ staff to cover the more specific care management roles.

The Bluebird Care business model has been developed with modern systems and ideas to meet both current and future markets. The opportunities in every area are huge – everyone knows someone who needs care and it is impossible to saturate the local market.

The business can build to as big as you want it to be!

We will send you a franchise information pack. If you then decide that you would like to find out more, we will arrange to meet with you to explore the business opportunity in full.

This is not a home based business opportunity. All Bluebird Care franchises run from an office located within the Franchise territory.

The total investment required will be £100K-£115K. We enjoy an excellent relationship with HSBC, NatWest, RBS and Lloyds Banking Group, who are all willing to lend up to 70% of the total investment required.

Therefore you will contribute 30% as your stake in the investment requirement.  This means you will need a liquid capital (IE un-borrowed funds) of up to £35K.

Having signed your franchise agreement the next stage is that head office will support you through the national regulator’s registration process. Depending on the regulator, this can take up to six months from signing your franchise agreement.

We support franchisees and we include incremental month-by-month targets that aim to achieve a break-even point at around month 9.

Once your business is up and running, net profits of around 15-20% are achievable. However, this is subject to overall business performance.

Call us on 02392 009978 or get in touch with us here for a comprehensive information pack and an invitation to meet us to find out more.

If we then agree that this business opportunity seems right for you, you will need to conduct your own research into the opportunity. We would be happy for you to speak to any of our existing UK franchisees.

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