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Case Studies

John & Jane Perry - Bluebird Care Edinburgh & Glasgow South

John and Jane Perry We did a lot of research. It was obvious from the ageing population figures that there was a market opportunity in care. We looked at several care franchise companies but were really impressed on meeting with the directors of Bluebird Care and the whole decision to join the network just seemed right to us. We liked the business model, and the support that the company offered. Having sought care for a family member, we knew about the poor standards of care in the market and how important it is to offer great customer service.

We’re pleased to say that our business is thriving. The job satisfaction comes from knowing you are making a difference; putting a smile on customer’s faces and receiving some great feedback and notes from satisfied customers. We’re looking ahead to more success, building our customer base and growing the business.


Sue MacLaughlin - Bluebird Care Coleraine

Sue MacLaughlinI spent the majority of my career in the Leisure Industry, abroad and in South London, prior to joining the Bluebird Care network. Having been in one particular job for 12 years I was looking for a new challenge.

There is no doubt that franchising was the way to go. All policies, procedures and marketing materials were already in place which enabled me to open our doors for business in a matter of months. There was, and continues to be, support available from the Franchise Support Centre in all aspects including Software Support, Human Resources, Finance and Marketing. We have a dedicated business development manager and quality manager who visits on a regular basis and a strong working relationship with the other Bluebird Care businesses locally, Holywood and Lisburn, and throughout the rest of the UK.

Franchising has changed my life, as running your own business would do anyway. I have learned so much about myself. I enjoy the flexibility of having my own business and the long weekend here and there.

I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that with my team we have such a positive impact on the lives of people who are unable for whatever reason to look after themselves.

Brian McAuley - Bluebird Care South Lanarkshire

Brian McAuleyDuring a franchise exhibition, I saw an existing Bluebird Care franchisee presenting his reasons for investing in the brand. I quickly recognised how Bluebird Care ticked all the boxes commercially and just as importantly morally and ethically.

I quickly recognised the massive opportunity of the home care market, within Scotland particularly. I looked at other care franchise models, but the Bluebird Care business model stood out among the competition for quality and strong growth.

Almost 5 years on, I now have a growing care business reflecting the quality and commitment of service recognised by our customers. In the current economic climate, there are few businesses who enjoy such continued demand for their service.


Yvonne Jenkins - Bluebird Care Durham North

Yvonne JenkinsI decided to run my own business because I felt I could potentially make a difference to the way care is provided to people in their own homes.

I knew a Bluebird Care franchisee so I decided to look at the Bluebird Care website to see what the governance arrangements were. It was when they showed me the intranet and the supporting processes that I decided to look into purchasing a franchise.

I think the things which I found most attractive were the quality of the policies and procedures, the fact that you are supported by the Franchise Support Centre and also by your own business development manager and quality manager. As someone coming from the NHS, this level of structure is really important to me. I think this is what sets Bluebird Care apart as a provider.

Jyoti Kohli - Bluebird Care Haringey

Jyoti KohliFollowing my education in the healthcare sector, I went into banking. In my 6 years at RBS and NatWest I worked in roles in commercial and business banking managing portfolios of generalist, franchise and healthcare businesses. When writing commercial credit applications for Bluebird Care franchises I quickly recognised the brand to be one of high standards and quality care. This led to me taking the leap to contact Bluebird Care to see if it was a business model that I could take on myself. Lucky for me they were looking for a franchisee to take on the Borough of Haringey, which is the Borough that I grew up in. The rest as they say is history!

I felt that Bluebird Care’s business model was achievable and reflected their ethos better than other care brands. It was an opportunity for me to tie in all of my background in healthcare, franchising and business management as well as taking on new challenges. It offered a great learning curve and allowed me to make a difference to the community in which I was raised.

Working for someone else and working for yourself are two completely different challenges. Whilst at times being the boss can be very difficult, it also gives you just as much self-satisfaction. When you open your office and the phone rings with your first customer enquiry, it is an extremely satisfying feeling!

Huw Owen - Bluebird Care Vale of Glamorgan

Huw OwenI always wanted to own my own business from an early age but never had the opportunity (or the guts) to do so. When I was returning from a holiday I came across an article in the Daily Mail regarding franchising and in particular, franchising in care. With my Nursing and managerial background I thought this would be an ideal opportunity for me to take the step and run my own business.

Franchising has affected me in a positive way. Although it was a lot of hard work and effort in the early days, and I’m not saying that I can put my feet up now, but I am able to

manage my own time more effectively. I am financially more secure now than I have ever been.

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